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 Dangerous Goods

Can I Take It?
You may be surprised to learn that some seemingly harmless goods can be dangerous on board an aircraft.

Air travel is one of the safest means of transportation. Help keep it safe by observing some basic rules

An aircraft is not an automobile. In flight, variations in temperature and air pressure can cause some items to leak or ignite, so...

Think before you pack
We cannot accept the following goods for shipment by sea or air: Hazardous Goods of any description - Aerosols, hair tonic/hair sprays, batteries, explosives, corrosives, perfume, massage oils, pressurised or unpressurised cylinders and/or similar type containers, firearms and ammunition, radioactive material, paint, fuel and/or fuel tanks, etc.

A twenty four hour security holding period is mandatory. Security is a very serious matter.

Are forbidden in baggage because they may ignight by friction.

Fuel, paints, solvents, adhesives, and flammable gases such as lighter refills and camping gas might leak and cause a fire.

Signal flares and other explosives might detonate because of their sensitive nature.

Bleaches, drain cleaners, many aerosols, mercury and solvents contain dangerous chemicals which can cause toxic fumes and corrosion.